Some Really Awesome Magento Themes Of 2016


Creating an e-commerce website is a very serious task and a vital step in the development of a private business on the internet. No matter what type of business you run you will always want to have an easy and hassle free website development process.

Magento allows you to flexibly and easily create an e-commerce website as it consists a large number of themes and features which can be implemented quickly and simply.

This year a large number of Magento themes came into existence among which some are considered to be the best Magento themes ever to come. So let us have a look at some of the best Magento themes of 2016.

Ladies Clothing Magento Theme

The Ladies Clothing Magento Theme caters a minimalist style which makes the site even more engaging.The layout of this theme is very spacious so it provides a lot of room so that you can arrange all your items in a proper way. Every single information is displayed randomly to add some flavors to the overall look.

Infant Magento Theme

This theme is a very cheerful and amusing one. Throughout the theme, you will come across pictures of smiling kids. The major benefit of these images is that it creates a positive mood on the page. You can also use banners for revealing special offers, new products, and latest updates.

Fashion Shop Magento Theme

This theme is considered to be a very great solution for fashion stores. The layout of this theme is a bit minimalist but still it is very appealing. Customers will be able to easily sort out the products by using multiple filters. By using attractive slider you will be able to promote your best items and hot offers.

Some Very Unique Benefits Of An Outdoor Fireplace


During the summer sun provides the warmth, but during the winters when the warmth is highly required outdoor fireplaces come in handy.

Outdoor fireplaces are considered to be a better outdoor heating option and today a large number of people are installing them in their house. Firesense is one of the most renowned suppliers of outdoor fireplaces and here you will find a wide range of high-quality fireplaces. Regularly you will fin outdoor fireplaces for sale on

Having an outdoor fireplace in your house will not only add value to your house but it will also enhance the look of your house. An outdoor fireplace caters a large number of benefits which would just make you go crazy. So let us have a look at some unique benefits of outdoor fireplaces.

1.Having an outdoor fireplace in your house significantly increases the value of your house. It adds beauty and functionality to your backyard. Having an inviting outdoor space in the house is trending today and with that installing an outdoor fireplace in your house can be like the cherry on the cake.

2.You can also use an outdoor fireplace for cooking. Adding a few accessories to your outdoor fireplace can turn it into a cooking unit where you can cook an entire meal by using the open flame and heat. You can also use various wood chips in the fireplace for creating new flavors.

3.It can also help you in keeping the bugs away. The flame and the heat of an outdoor fireplace helps in keeping away annoying bugs, which may likely disturb you and your guest while you are having a great evening in your backyard.


Some Of The Very Expensive Luxurious Hotels In The World


 Everyone at some or other point have a dream of sitting near the pool of a luxurious hotel with a glass of champagne and caviar in their hand. So pack your bags and get ready to go on a roller coaster ride through the world’s most luxurious hotels.

    Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

    This luxurious hotel consists of 395 rooms and suites, 40 meeting and conference rooms, a white sand beach, a large number of pools and fountains, sumptuous spa, marble imported from 13 countries and over 1000 crystal chandeliers. All this is enough for making this hotel one of the most luxurious places to stay.

    Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey

    This hotel was built by a Russian billionaire Telman Ismailov in around 2009 at the cost of $1.65 Billion and it caters the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean. Jaw-dropping gold-leaf interior design, crystal, and Italian marble are just like an icing on the cake.

Smart Tips You Should Follow For Getting An Affordable Web Design

affordable Web-Design

Developing a professional web design for a start-up company can prove to be very expensive and intimidating. A simple web design can cost you around $2000 and there’s nothing wrong in spending such amount if you are getting a good web design.

But for start up, it is beneficial that you look for affordable web design. There are lot of great tips for getting an affordable website. So let us have a look at them.

Web Design

You will find a large number of reasonably priced companies which consist of pretty sizeable library of design templates. Using a design template can prove to be a lot more cost friendly compared to a custom design template.

Interns Are Great

Creating a website for a small business or a start-up company can prove to be a great experience for a student or an intern. An intern can prove to be handy for creating a website design as you can get your website at a very affordable price. Just not that you can also get some very innovative ideas from an intern as they are basically ahead of the curve with the latest technology trends.

Trade Your Services

 Being a company you will definitely have some assets which you can trade with another company. So figure out your skills which you can trade with a website design company against the services you require. There are a large number of companies which will offer you some services in return of your assets.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to spend tons of money for creating a simple website which can provide a good start to your business.

Some basic Rules For Taking Care Of Your Skin


Skin is one of the most sensitive part of our body so it is likely that it is the first thing to get infected by any kind of virus or infection. You need to cater some essential habits if you want to take care of your skin and have a radiant complexion all year long.

Private dermatology clinics in London presents some golden rules which can help you in taking care of your skin effectively.

Rule 1: Specific Care For Every Skin Type

In order to take proper care of your skin it is advisable that you choose products which are specially designed for the skin type you cater. As every skin type requires a specific type of skin care.

Rule 2: pay Special Attention To Fragile Areas

Some parts of face such as eye contour, lips, etc cater particularly fine, fragile skin. These areas require special and specific care as they are the most sensitive part and they deserve special care.

Rule 3: Gentle Cleansing

Taking care of your sensitive skin begins with removing o0f make up. So if you don’t wish to stress your skin and not hinder its natural balance then make sure that you use make-up remover which is pH-neutral and specially formulated for cleansing your skin gently.

Rules 4: A Risk Area

The eye contour area of our skin is 10 times finer than the rest of the area of the face skin. So it is advisable that you choose a specific routine for make- removal for this area.

For taking proper care of your skin it is important that you follow a strict string of rules as any careless move can damage your skin badly.


PHP- A Better Open Source Initiative Then Other Programming Languages

PHP was basically designed as a C Shells for web programming and performing various other small chores. But now it has evolved as an much more efficient and effective web programming language which is simple to understand and easy to implement.

The PHP language has been popular at such an extent that today most of the websites are built using PHP Frameworks. So lets have a look at why PHP is one of the most preferred programming language compared to others.

a) It is a very successful open source initiative which caters community support and an extensive set of libraries which can be used to enhance the functionality of the language.

b) PHP can be easily integrated with various other open source softwares and programs without any requirement of extra plugins or libraries. PHP provides an in-built support for Apache modules and MySQL and PostgresSQL database.

c) It provides a large and extensive support for the regular expressions which are used widely for matching patterns and substitutions. You can carry out a large number of string related tasks such as compression, manipulations etc.

d) PHP provides a support for the RAW HTTP headers which are normally used in redirections, authentications ad for other high level site designs.

e) PHP consists of access logging support which provides the real time access monitoring and maintains a quick summary of the pages which are owned and maintained by specific users.

f) It caters an in built Access Control Mechanism which will allow you to create rules and regulations for different persons which are using website or application. Some pages can be protected by password while other can be made restricted based on the user accessing it.

g) Other than that this programming language consist of all the features which a modern day language should possess. It caters all the features of OOPS as well procedural languages.

4 Signs Showing That You Definitely Need New Membership Management Software

membership mgt

With time we all tend to grow from child to a teenager to an adult. During this time we do not grow old age wise but we also undergo some physical changes. These are some obvious signs that we are not kids anymore and it’s time to have a move on to some stuff.This is the same case with membership management software regarding your organization. No matter how perfect your membership management software is with time it also needs some upgradation. ChambersDesk is one such company which provides latest and up to date membership management software.You can find various software to manage and maintain membership and association at

Things Which No One Told You About PHP


Here are some interesting facts about PHP programming language about which a PHP developer should know.

1. PHP is originally abbreviated as Personal Home Page.

2. PHP which is now known as Hypertext Preprocessor was launched in the year 1995.

3. PHP was initially written as a set of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) in ‘C’.

4. Originally PHP was designed to replace a set of Perl scripts in order to maintain his Personal Home Pages.

5. The original creator of PHP was Rasmus Lerdorf who created it in 1995. Originally he wrote Common gateway Interface(CGI).

6. In 1997 two developers at the Technion IIT Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans rewrote the parser and formed the base of PHP 3.

7. PHP 3 was officially launched in June 1998.

8. PHP 3’s core which was rewritten by Suraski and Gutmans, produced the Zend Engine in 1999. They were also the founders of Zend technologies in Ramat Gan, Israel.

9. PHP 5 was released on July 12, 2004 which was powered by the new Zend engine II. It released full featured object oriented programming support. This was present in PHP 3 and PHP 4 but only in the basic features.

10. The PHP Group is now the producer of main implementation of PHP and is served as the de facto standard for PHP as there is no formal specification.

11. PHP is a free software which was released under the PHP License, which is incompatible with GNU General Public License (GPL) due to restrictions on the use of the term PHP.

12. Originally PHP was designed to create dynamic and more interactive web pages. Today it has become one of the most widely-used, open-source and general purpose scripting language.

13. PHP can be possibly used in every operating system. It can be used in all major operating systems which include Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and RISC OS.